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Cotton Candy Party Favors Kingston

Cotton Candy Party Favors

Cotton Candy Tub

$4 per tub - with custom label

$3 per tub - with no label

These big tubs are great for birthday parties or events.  Customize the label, or just give them out as is! Pick at 2 flavors/colors of cotton candy, let us know your theme, and any writing you want. Then just sit back and enjoy the day!

* minimum order of 10

Cotton Candy Party Favors Kingston

Glitter Bombs

$3 each

These shimmering glitter bombs will spruce up and drink!! Wrapped in a small piece of cotton candy, you simply just drop it in your drink and stir. The resulsts are mesmerizing! Available in a variety of colors.

Cotton Candy Glitter Bomb

Gender Reveal Glitter Bomb

$5 each

These special glitter bombs are totally clear until they hit liquid! Perfect for gender reveals!

Gender Reveal Glitter Bomb Kingston
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